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Job / Career Opportunities:- Qualify as Skin Aesthetic Practitioner / Aesthetician / Cosmetologist / Beauty Expert and work in Skin Clinics.

Trainers: Plastic Surgeon, Practising Dermatologists and Cosmetologists

JOIN 4 COURSES GET 5th FREE**condition apply

(Ideal for Doctors, Beauty Therapists, Graduates)

JOB OPPORTUNITY:- Work as a Skin specialist / Skin Aesthetician / Clinical Cosmetologist in Skin clinics or Start your own Skin /Cosmetology Clinic.

Contents :

1. Skin and Face Muscle Anatomy and Physiology


2. Skin Analysis with Dermascope

3. WART and SKIN TAG REMOVAL: Theory and Practicals of: a. Electro Surgery:-

b. Electro Fulguration c. Electro Desiccation d. Electro Coagulation e. Electro Section

4. ADVANCE CHEMICALS PEELS – Powerful AHAs Chemical Peels for

*Skin Polishing

*Hyper – Pigmentation

*Acne Scars


*Under Eye Dark Circle

5.Tharmage :- Thermage is the only non-invasive procedure that helps tighten and contour your skin in a single treatment—with no surgery, no injections, and little to no downtime. Instead, Thermage stimulates your body's natural renewal of collagen, which creates subtle, natural looking results on and off the face, like…

* Tighter, smoother skin…

* Softened wrinkles and lines…

* And an overall younger looking appearance.

6.Botox ® (Botulinum Toxin A) treatment is used in patients who wish to eliminate dynamic facial wrinkles, particularly those in the forehead, around to the eyes (crow’s feet) and neck.

7.Dermal fillers are indicated to treat wrinkles such as nasolabial folds, increasing volume in lips, cheeks, chin, and filling creases or scar depressions.

8.Mesotherapy :-Mesotherapy treatment is a non surgical cosmetic solution aimed at diminishing problem areas in your body such as




*body contouring

*face/neck rejuvenation

9. Face mapping- what is face mapping?

Face Mapping is a revolutionary approach to skin analysis developed by The International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. Using the zones and the Dermalogica Face Map as a guide, the therapist is able to conduct an inch-by-inch, methodical analysis of the facial landscape, guaranteeing that the subsequent professional treatment and home-care prescription will fully address each client's concerns.

10. LED Light Therapy :- LED light therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment using non invasive, non ablative Red light therapy, Blue light therapy and Infrared light treatment for anti aging skin care, facial wrinkles, acne treatment, stretch marks and more. LED is a safer, more effective and affordable alternative to laser treatment.

And Blue and Red light can both be used to activate PDT (photodynamic therapy).

Acne treatment

Acne scar reduction

 Anti aging skin care

Facial wrinkles

Cellulite reduction

 Stretch marks

11. DERMA ROLLER :- The DERMAROLLER treatment is done for treating Acne Scars, Wrinkles and Pigmentation. This process induces collagen production which is responible for more strength and elasticity and fills up the depth of pits and thereby reducing the scars.

Fees: 49,940/-JOIN 4 COURSES GET 5th FREE**condition apply

Duration : 6 Months

Students who successfully complete the course will receive the internationally recognised Certificate.&